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Breonna T. Collier

Beauty & Fashion Photographer

Breonna T. Collier is a freelance fashion and beauty photographer and creative director currently located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Breonna found interest in photography when she was a young teenager but quickly realized that it was more than just a hobby. Her interest took a different route when she acquired a strong liking for the world of beauty and fashion. During her process of growth in photography, she too developed skills for creative directing.

If Breonna could describe her work in a few words, she would say that it is romantic, classic, sharp, and timeless. With each click, she strives to capture her subjects in their best light with detail being her top priority. She takes great pride in being able to freeze moments in time and reliving those moments with just a glance at her images. Breonna T. Collier is a minimalist and finds tremendous beauty in simplicity.

Select Clients and Publications – TeenVogue, Forbes, Surreal Magazine, WOE Magazine & Charlotte Lately