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Cloud TEN Photography

Every Cloud has a silver lining.

Cloud TEN Photography is a portrait and lifestyle photography company based out of Durham, North Carolina.

In creating “Cloud10”, Cloud TEN Photographer, Tayla Berry set the company’s mission to uplift, encourage, and serve others in seeing their own authentic light. Through photographs—we aim to leave a lasting representation and expression of true art. We believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered and affirmed in the beauty of who they are. Acknowledging that, you too, are living art.

Our company seeks out the feeling of euphoria— being closer to heaven by the earthly encounters we have with one another. Each photograph is captured to highlight the richness of the individuals’ natural light and with that, great delicacy. We are known for our simplicity of depth displayed in our gentle, edgy but earthy neutral-tones, carefully chosen with the intent to create timeless images.

Cloud TEN Photography provides clients with an overall “better than cloud9” experience. On Cloud10 we carry the confidence that extra-ordinary things happen when two-or more come together to create something beautiful.