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M28 Photography

Poetic, timeless, and candid images with a cinematic feel.

We seriously love what we do and it goes beyond photographs and video. It’s about providing exceptional customer service, quality and professionalism to each client no matter what package you choose. We intend on continuing to capture those priceless moments, while you enjoy them.

I’m all about art and creativity. I absolutely love photography and capturing moments for families and couples. It means a lot to have people appreciate your work and cherish it because it means a lot to them. It’s also cool to have clients who not only enjoy my work with M28 but also become a fan of my own personal projects. I am an activist in every sense of the word. I advocate for issues that speak out against injustices and inequality in an attempt to make the world better for our children. I might be addicted to social media, red wine & popcorn, and fashion. Lastly, I have a beautiful wife who I adore. She’s also my assistant for most engagement shoots. I work with two other photographers and a videographer who complete this awesome team.