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The exact date and time of Sneakshot’s birth is a hotly disputed fact throughout the entertainment/music/photography industry. Some say Sneak was born when the first record needle came to rest in the groove of a fly piece of vinyl. Others claim Sneak first appeared circa 1999, sporting a pair of red, black and green Pumas at a Roots’ show.  Legend has it one can catch a glimpse of her recognizable afro in some grainy bootleg videotape footage of Prince’s Lovesexxy tour in the late 1980’s. Truth be told, Sneakshot has always been one to be anywhere and everywhere as far as great music is concerned.   As a child born in the 70’s but growing up in the 80’s, music has been an essential part of my life.  As a youth, my mother would ALWAYS have something playing on the record player,  and weekly trips to the record store only fed my thirst for music. Forget candy, tasty vinyl treats were my sweet tooth.  The album covers coupled with the concerts my mother took me to only enhanced my interest in photography.

The music and the image are one..capture the moment as YOU see it.